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How It Works

What types of items are accepted?

  • Furniture

  • Home décor and accessories

  • Costume and Sterling Silver Jewelry

We do not accept collectibles, figurines, dolls, etched glass, silver-plate serving pieces, used table linens, electronics, appliances, utensils, or pots and pans.

When can I bring in my items?

You may bring in up to 25 decor or jewelry items any day we are open - no appointment necessary.  Furniture items need to be preapproved and require an appointment.
If you have more than 25 items or would like an in-home consult for furniture ($20 fee), please call the store to schedule an appointment.

Do furniture items need preapproval?

Yes.  Pictures of furniture pieces or large decor items should be submitted through our Online Pre-Approval Form  before making an appointment to drop them off.

We will inspect items upon arrival at the store prior to final acceptance.  Pickup service is available for a fee.

What items are bought outright?

Most decor and jewelry are generally bought outright.  We credit your account 30% of the INITIAL PRICE at the time the item goes on display. These items are then owned by the store.

What items are consigned?

Furniture items are consigned.  We also reserve the right to offer consignment terms for decor and jewelry on an individual basis, especially if an item is valuable

What is the consignment term?

The consignment term is 9 weeks.

How are my items priced?

We set all of the prices based on our knowledge of retail value, quality of construction, brand, condition, and style.  We do appreciate any information you may have about your items, and we strive to get the most we can for you.

Are my items discounted?

Items are usually discounted on a set schedule of 20% off after 4 weeks and 40% off after 7 weeks.  Seasonal items may follow a faster reduction schedule.

When does the consignment term start for my items?

Your consignment term does not start until an item goes on display.  The actual consignment start date can be viewed through our online account service.

What percent do I earn on consigned items?

After the incremental buyers fee, you earn 50% of the SELLING PRICE when the item sells.  

How do I get paid?

Checks are issued on the last day of each month and mailed to you. It may take up to 10 days for checks to arrive.

If your account balance is less than $21, the balance will continue to accrue until the next check date. You may use your account balance for store purchases at any time.

How do I prepare my items?

All items should be clean and ready to display. If we must clean your furniture, $5 will be deducted from your account for each cleaned item.

What happens to consigned items that do not sell?

We will call you if a consigned item does not sell to see if you want to pick it up or donate it

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